Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why does Christie Says the NJ DEP is too large?

According to Christie, under Corzine the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection had become an large, inefficient government agency. Corzine's rampant government spending and creation of new programs made made several government programs excessively large and disfunctional. The NJ DEP grew significantly in workforce during Corzine's term. However, the NJ DEP had many inept leaders and commissioners and did not successfully enhance and preserve the environment in NJ. Christie wants to make New Jersey a energy leader during his term as governor. As one article put it the term "Trenton Makes, the World Takes" has become and ineffective quote for the entire state of New Jersey. The state no longer relies on energy and industry as it once did. Christie needs to use the NJ DEP as a springboard to improve energy consumption, create new jobs, and make New Jersey energy and industry prosperous once again.

Christie's plan to reduce the size of the NJ DEP is a result of his political policies and beliefs. Christie wants to reduce government spending on a variety of government programs in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency. By reducing the size and electing new officials to the NJ DEP Christie will be able to implement his "Energy as Industry" Plan. The NJ DEP needs to be a small, efficient government agency because of the immediacy and efficiency needed to enrich the state's environment and energy.

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