Tuesday, November 10, 2009

YouTube Video on Alternative Energy

This following YouTube video stresses the importance of finding alternative energy sources:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Important Websites for New Jersey Energy and Environment

I found three important sites that could be of some interest:

1). New Jersey's Clean Energy Program-

According to the website, "New Jersey's Clean Energy Program (N JCEP) promotes increased energy efficiency and the use of clean, renewable sources of energy including solar, wind, geothermal, and sustainable biomass. The results for New Jersey are a stronger economy, less pollution, lower costs, and reduced demand for electricity. NJCEP offers financial incentives, programs, and services for residential, commercial, and municipal customers."

2) Energy Master Plan-

According to this website, "Energy is essential to the quality of life of every New Jersey Resident". This is another excellent website that allows New Jersey citizens to become involved in energy conservation.

3) New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection- http://www.state.nj.us/dep/

This website gives the New Jersey resident everything you need to know about the preservation of New Jersey air, land, and water. It offers easy to use features that allow its users access to invaluable information about our state's enviroment.

Christie's Views on Energy and Environment

During his campaign, Christie stated that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is too big and is hurt various business in New Jersey. Now that he is elected, this agency will be his first to improve through a government reduction and smallet workforce.

Another important aspect of Christie's campaign is his want to increase New Jersey's capability to produce alternative energy sources. Christie's list of intended policies towards alternative energy includes tax cuts to businesses that develop wind energy. In addition, the new governor intends to change laws to allow solar energy on permanently perserved, private farms. Christie wants to improve the energy promotion program and create new energy-based jobs.

The expanse and success of these efforts will be seen in the upcoming months of Christie's term as governor.

Chris Christie Wins the 2009 New Jersey Governor's Election

Chris Christie defeated incumbent Jon Corzine in the New Jersey GOP election last night. Christie won by a 49% to 44% margin of victory. This nomination marks an important defeat for the Obama presidency because of the election of a republican candidate.

In a press conference this morning, Christie stated that, "we're on the job, we're getting ready...I'm ready to work. Failure is not part of my vocabulary". These compelling words offer hope to a state that has been ravaged by the 2008 recession.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Civic Engagement Project

For the next month, this blog will give its readers an in-depth look into the New Jersey Government's policies toward energy and environmental awareness. With the governor's election effectively decided, this blog will be able to focus on the new governor's policies and updates.

Welcome Again!

This blog was created for a Civic Engagement Project in a Professional Writing Class at The College of New Jersey. The blogger, Dan Bucher, is a sophomore finance major at TCNJ. This is my first ever blog and I am excited to share my Civic Engagement Project with you!