Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What is Christie's stance on Environmental Justice?

Governor Christie is a firm advocate of environmental justice. Environmental justice is considered the judicial process which addresses issues such as pollution, energy abuse, and environmental law. Most notably, these environmental law issues often occur between the state/federal governments and corporate businesses who pollute the state's lands, oceans, and air. Prior to his term as governor, Christie had always been a firm opposer to the impact of large businesses and corporations. As a result, Christie has a firm stance against large scale corporate abuse of the environment. The most important step that the governor has proposed to take is to reinstate the Office of Environmental Crimes at the Attorney General's office. This reinstatement will greatly enhance criminal enforcement of environmental law. During Corzine's term as governor, he often neglected to punish large corporate companies from undertaking illegal business practices. Christie's new stance toward the reinstatement will not only punish current abusers of the environment but will also deter companies from undertaking such unethical practices.

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