Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christie's Views on Energy and Environment

During his campaign, Christie stated that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is too big and is hurt various business in New Jersey. Now that he is elected, this agency will be his first to improve through a government reduction and smallet workforce.

Another important aspect of Christie's campaign is his want to increase New Jersey's capability to produce alternative energy sources. Christie's list of intended policies towards alternative energy includes tax cuts to businesses that develop wind energy. In addition, the new governor intends to change laws to allow solar energy on permanently perserved, private farms. Christie wants to improve the energy promotion program and create new energy-based jobs.

The expanse and success of these efforts will be seen in the upcoming months of Christie's term as governor.

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  1. Do you have any links that can offer more details on what Christie thinks is an appropriate size for the DEP, as well as his plan to boost energy-related jobs?